At Immortalight, we are at the forefront of designing an All-stage multi-functional device to diagnose and treat Cancer. We are currently working on Oral, Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancers.

We are in Stage III of developing a prophylactic and therapeutic drug for Covid-19 and, will soon be launching Agroculture – a mobile app. to help farmers with organic seed selection, crop cultivation, renting equipment, storage, selling the harvest and more, in developing countries and across the world.

Through integration of bold and transformative Science in Photonics and Biology, we are creating new life-changing applications, mainly in Medicine and Agriculture.

our story

From our Physicist and Biotechnology Founder to experienced Scientists, Business Professionals and new Members in the team, we are striving to develop efficient and cost-effective innovative tools to enhance the Human Life on this planet .

Our Experiments are Our Strength